About StudySEA

StudySEA offers study counseling to students that wish to study abroad. 

We can help you with the following:

Study abroad

Do you consider studying a semester abroad at a university, than StudySEA can help you. We can advise you about studies at one of our partner universities in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United States or Vietnam. We guide you, free of charge, through the preparation and application process to ensure your study abroad experience best possibly matches your wishes and criteria. All studies are taught in English. Learn more about the Universities you can study at.

Study abroad as part of your university degree (exchange studies)

If you are already enrolled at a higher education institution in your home country, but wish to take a semester abroad as part of your degree, certain criteria must be fulfilled in order for to obtain credit for your studies. We can help you plan a study abroad program that meets the criteria of your home institution.  Read more about how we can assist you through the process under counseling.

Study abroad after high school (gap year abroad)

Have you completed upper secondary school (high school) and do you wish to experience the world while studying, then StudySEA can help you. Read more under Gap Year.

Study a full degree abroad

Are you interested in studying a full university degree abroad, then StudySEA can help you find a suitable university and guide you through the application process. Learn more about your opportunities for studying a full degree abroad and how to finance it.

Internship in Vietnam

If you want to gain practical experience, StudySEA can help you on to an internship in Vietnam. Our representatives in Vietnam have strong connections to local and international companies in and around Ho Chi Minh City. Learn more about your internship options.


Why study in South East Asia?

What is StudySEA?

StudySEA is a student recruitment agency that assists students that wish to study at universities abroad. We can help plan your study or internship program at universities abroad or companies in Vietnam.

Organizing everything on your own can become overwhelming when you have not tried it before. Besides finding the right courses, university and study destination, there are a lot of other things to consider including budget and financing, applying to the university, visa application, finding housing, travel arrangements, insurance and much more.

Even if it is the first time that you are to study abroad, many other students have been through the same processes – including us here at StudySEA. The experiences we have gathered, will benefit you when we counsel you. Moreover, we have an in-depth knowledge of local conditions, the culture and the universities we work with.

StudySEA has traveled around the world to find universities and companies that are suitable to host international students. Particularly South East Asia, is a region we have traveled intensively, as the offering of study abroad programs were very limited prior to StudySEA’s work in the region. We have visited a lot of universities and evaluated them based on a number of criteria including the quality of teaching, facilities, courses taught in English and the location. In 2014, we entered into cooperation with some of the best suited universities. This helps ease the application process for students applying through StudySEA.

As we continue to expand our network of partner universities and study destinations, stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter.