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Ho Chi Minh City Package

With our most popular internship package, The Ho Chi Minh City Package, you can enjoy the benefits of competent support in arranging your internship in Vietnam along with our in depth knowledge about the Vietnamese ways of life.

hjaelp til praktik vietnam ho chi minh city

Who is this package for?

The full package

Our HCMC Package is our most comprehensive package and is tailored to students that wish to intern in Ho Chi Minh City while enjoying the benefits of lunch at work, transportation to/from work and of course the social network and activities.

Is this package right for me?

This package may be just the right fit if:


  • I need help finding an internship in Vietnam
  • I need help preparing the internship agreement
  • I need help preparing for my journey
  • I wish to have a smooth transition to my new environment
  • I wish to have access to social activities and a network of other international interns
  • I appreciate that benefits such as meals during work and transportation between my residence and workplace is negotiated with my host organization by default so I don’t have to ask


Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and surrounding area


The internship can be within any industry


The internship can be within any discipline


You must meet the following requirements to apply for the HCMC Package:

  • Enrolled at a university or college
  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Good English language competencies
  • Positive attitude, willing to adapt and open to and respect other cultures
  • Hold a passport from a visa eligible country*
  • Able to finance your stay, trip and the internship package


Application deadline

Minimum 2 months prior to desired internship start date.

What is included in the package?
Guaranteed placement

We guarantee to find you an internship. If we fail, you will get your money back.

Internship application guide

We will provide you with an application guide, which provides tips on how to prepare a good internship application and how to prepare for an interview.

Pre-departure guide

Once, your internship is confirmed, we will provide you with a pre-departure guide that will help prepare you for your journey and your internship.

Pre-departure briefing

Once, your internship is confirmed, we will conduct a pre-departure briefing through video, where we will go through the pre-departure guide to help you prepare for your journey and your internship.

Quality screened internship

When assessing an internship, we examine factors such as qualifications and experience of supervisor, staff-to-intern, supervisor-to-staff and supervisor-to-intern ratio, working hours and how the internship matches your requirements.

Feedback on application

Before submitting your application to a host organization, we will provide feedback and suggest improvements to your CV and application documents if deemed necessary.

Internship agreement

When a host organization has offered you an internship placement, we will provide you with an internship agreement that your internship will be based on.

Lunch/meal at work

Your host organization will provide lunch or meal while you are at work. Some hosts offer this through an allowance.

Visa application assistance

We will assist you with your visa application, which in most cases can be processed online without the need to visit an embassy or consulate. Should you be in need of an extension to your existing visa while in Vietnam, we will provide guidance.

Arrival guide

Our arrival guide focuses on practical and safety matters and will help give you a good start.

Quality screened host organization

When assessing a potential host organization, we examine factors such as the number of years in business, motivation for hosting interns, experience with hosting interns, equipment and facilities. We require all our host organizations to be legally registered to operate in Vietnam and to have acceptable physical premises.

Interview with host organization

When a suitable host organization has confirmed interest in you, we will coordinate an interview.

Transportation between local residence and workplace

Your host organization will provide transportation between your local residence and the workplace.  Some hosts offer this through an allowance.

Social network and activities

Being active socially helps you battle the risk of culture shock and will make your experience more enjoyable. Join our network of other international students and interns and engage in various activities such as our weekly Wednesday dinners, where we try out one of the city’s many eating places.

How to apply?

Are you ready to apply? Great! We are ready to help you to the internship of your dreams. To get started, please follow the application steps.

1. Fill in application form

Please complete the online application form.

2. Supporting documents

Please email the below supporting documents to


  • CV/Resume
  • Letter of motivation
  • Latest academic transcript (from your current education)
  • Copy of recommendation letters (if applicable)
  • Copy of valid passport (photo page)
  • Internship contract or any other requirements that your home institution may require the host organization to comply with (if applicable)
  • Declaration of consent for sharing personal data

3. Initial payment

If your application is accepted, we will send you an invoice for the first installment of the internship package. Please follow the payment instructions on the invoice.

4. Final payment

When your internship is confirmed, it is time to pay your second and final installment of the internship package. Please follow the payment instructions on the invoice.

What does it cost?

The package

The HCMC Package costs 870 Euros. Payment is due in two installments. First installment of 505 Euros is due by application. The second and final installment is due when the internship is confirmed.


*Interns will be required to purchase a travel and health insurance through Studysea as well at an additional cost. Prices vary and depend on the length of your stay. Contact us for a quotation.

Living expenses

The internships are unpaid and you will be expected to cover your living expenses during your stay in Vietnam. Your host organization will provide a lunch/meal while you are at work and will provide transportation between your local residence and the workplace. Some hosts may cover lunches/meals and transportation through an allowance.


Contact Studysea for a budget over the expenses related to your internship in Ho Minh City.

Travel expenses

In addition to your internship package fee and living expenses, you may need to budget for additional costs related to your trip and internship such as:


  • Round trip airfare
  • Airport pickup
  • Visa fees
  • Health and travel insurance*
  • Liability insurance (if required by the host organization or your home education institution)
  • Cancellation insurance
  • Housing security deposit
  • Housing reservation deposit
  • Immunizations
  • Expenses related to verification/notarization of documents (if required by host organization)

*Mandatory and must be purchased through Studysea

What is the process?
  • 1. Apply

    Submit your application

  • 2. Pay

    Pay first installment of your internship package

  • 3. Fine-tune

    Fine-tune CV and application documents

  • 4. Interview

    Interview with host organization

  • 5. Confirm

    Accept your offer and confirm your internship by preparing and signing an internship agreement

  • 6. Final payment

    Pay for the rest of your internship package

  • 7. Pre-departure

    Follow our pre-departure guide and pre-departure briefing and prepare for your journey and internship

  • 8. Go

    Travel to Vietnam!


How much does food cost?

It depends. If you can live like a local and eat at street kitchens every day, a meal will usually cost you around 1 to 3 dollars. A meal at a Western restaurant will typically cost between $5 and $15 – with some high-end restaurants costing more. Food courts are popular among international students as it is possible to eat Western meals for $2 to $4. Prices of groceries are usually lower than in the West, especially local vegetable, meat, fish and bread. Imported goods can be more expensive in the West, due to high import taxes. This means that cheese, milk and cereal can cost the same or more than you are used to at home.

Can I live together with another intern?

If you are applying with one or more friends, and you wish to live together, it is important that you notify us before we start searching for an internship. Ho Chi Minh City covers a wide geographical area and it can take over an hour to travel from one end of the city to the other. By notifying us, we can search for host organizations that are located in the same area. This may, however, limit the number of internships available.

Will I get a private room?

Most of our interns prefer to live in their own apartment or studio. For interns that share apartments, many will have their own private room. However, if you wish to save money on rent, one way to do so, is by sharing a room. If you do not yet have a roommate, you can ask some of the other Studysea interns that are going to be in Vietnam at the same time as you, if they wish to share.

How much is rent?

That depends on a lot of factors such as the location, type of accommodation, rental period, size of the unit, number of rooms. In 2016, our interns on average, paid $415 per month (ranging from $285 to $600). This was for private accommodation and typically included utilities such as water, Wi-fi, TV, cleaning, but not electricity. If you share a room, the rent would then be half. Rent in HCMC is relatively expensive compared to the general living expenses.