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Why study abroad

Why study abroad? Below are 10 good reasons on what you can gain from studying abroad.

1. International perspective

Where are you from and and what does it mean to be a citizen of your country? You won’t really know, until you have lived outside your country. By studying or living abroad, you will gain an international perspective and understand your country’s role in the big picture. Understand why immigrants can have challenges adapting and why politicians can’t simply turn their back to powerful nations such as China. An international perspective is important for anyone who wishes to pursue an international career.

2. Cultural understanding

To understand another person, you need to understand the person’s culture. The best way to get to know another culture is by experiencing it over a longer period of time. Live with the locals, eat like them and learn their language. A better understanding of other cultures can help you in many situations in your life and when interacting with people. If you wish to pursue an international career, it is essential to possess a cultural understanding.

3. Personal development, independence and life experience

When you move to a different country, you learn to stand on your own feet. Not only do you have to deal with new daily day situations such as finding out where to shop groceries and pay bills. From a social point-of-view, you will also have to build up a new network of personal relations. This can be uncomfortable for many, but almost all students return home feeling more self-confident, independent and extrovert. In addition, the life experiences you gain, will help you get to know yourself better. By knowing yourself, it will be easier for you to make the right choices in your life going forward.

4. Strengthen your career opportunities

International experience is an important factor when many corporations recruit new employees. The world is global and employees must have an international perspective to deal with international challenges. Showcasing that you have studied abroad on your CV, does not only indivate that you have knowledge of the world outside your country, but also that you took the initiative to travel abroad and thereby are able to stand on own feet.

5. Build a global network

When you travel abroad, you will meet a lot of new people. You will study with locals, but also other international students that are looking for new friendships like yourself. A network can help you in many ways in your future life and career.

6. Improve your foreign language abilities

If you wish to learn a new language or improve your current foreign language skills, the best way to learn is by traveling to the country where the language is spoken.

7. Stand out from the crowd

The large offer of courses and degrees abroad, gives you great opportunities for following exciting new studies that you may not be able to find at home. Moreover, the flexibility of institutions abroad, may give you a chance to try out new subjects that may not necessarily be within your normal field of studies. Studying abroad, taking unique courses, gives you a great opportunity to specialize and stand out from the crowd.

8. Experience the world

When studying abroad, most choose to combine their stay with travels and excursions. You will come home with great experiences. Studying abroad is not just about studying, it is also about having fun at the same time. Get memories for life! If you are in need of change, going abroad for a semester, may be exactly what you need. Experience the world, meet new people and challenge yourself.

9. Good opportunities for financing your studies

Many countries have implemented and strengthened their government funding schemes for studies abroad. This means that today’s students have never seen better options for funding studies abroad. Of course, you funding options depend on where you are from. If you are applying for a full degree, the university you apply to may also offer scholarships. Don’t forget to check before you apply. Besides government funding and scholarships, there are also numerous private funds that issue grants to students studying abroad. See more under financing.

10. Free counseling

It is not as hard as you think. Especially not when you let StudySEA assist you. Our professional study counseling is free of charge. Contact our advisors today for a chat, and find out how we can help you.

The decision to study abroad, is a big decision to many people. However, most people do not regret making the choice. For most the decision will be vital for the future shape of their life and career.