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10 good reasons to study in South East Asia

10 good reasons to study in South East Asia

Here are 10 good reasons for why you should consider studying in South East Asia:

1. A GROWTH REGION: The population counts 617 million people – the gross domestic product is 2.31 trillion U.S. dollars – the economic growth rate is at approximately 6{c8d6c1362c24684a5dfd7509d142288809431e70c66fe2e2a61f45f144a9bb13} – the establishment of a free market under the ASEAN cooperation will enable the region to stand strong against the European Union, the U.S., China and others – both Vietnam and Indonesia are among the “Next 11” countries that have potential of becoming some of the world’s biggest economies in the 21st century – Western countries’ export to these markets continue to increase as living standards improve – South East Asia is definitely a good strategic choice if you wish to strenghten your future career opportunities!

2. STRENGTHEN YOUR CV: Relevant experience from a growth market, will increase your chances of creating an international career. Most employers value international experience as well as candidates that are independent and who have local knowledge and understanding of the markets the company operates in. Get Asia on your CV!

3. LOW COST OF LIVING: Most of the countries in South East Asia enable you to live comfortably on a student budget or your government financial aid. Exchange your life as a poor student with a life of glamour and luxury in South East Asia!

4. AFFORDABLE TUITION: Due to the low cost of living, the tuition fees are also typically lower than in, for instance, the U.K., U.S and Australia. If you are a government-sponsored student, you may be able to fully or partially cover the tuition fees.

5. LARGE SELECTION OF COURSES TAUGHT IN ENGLISH: There is a large demand for quality education in South East Asia. Not all South East Asians can afford to study in the Western World and therefore the region continues to see a growing number of private and international universities that offer high quality education. This gives international students the opportunity to study many exciting and unique subjects that are not always available at home.

6. SUMMER ALL YEAR ROUND: With the region’s tropical climate, you can visit the beach or swimming pool all year round. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

7. POPULAR TRAVEL DESTINATIONS: Borneo, Phuket, Bali and Langkawi are just a few of the famous holiday destinations that you can experience in South East Asia. Experience tropical rain forests, mountains, highlands, caves, volcanoes, waterfalls and much much more.

8. DIFFERENT CULTURES: The culture in South East Asia varies from country to country. It is so different from what we are used to in the West that it can only be understood by living it! Learn about the interesting, and often, violent past that many of the South East Asian countries have been through. Past occurrences have affected and shaped the modern culture and society – including the cuisine!

9. VIBRANT CITIES: Experience some of the world’s largest, busiest, most fascinating and charming great cities such as Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Singapore, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur!

10. FREE COUNSELING: Were you planning on studying abroad through your home institution’s exchange agreement, but did not manage to secure a place – then don’t worry. StudySEA can help you arrange and set up your own study-abroad program in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand or Vietnam. We can even help you, if you consider pursuing a full degree abroad. Send us an email, and we will help you out. All of our study-abroad services are completely free for students!