Studies in Vietnam

Follow exciting studies in Vietnam with StudySEA. Here is why you should consider Vietnam.

As a student in Vietnam, you will have the opportunity of experiencing and acquainting the hospitable and curious locals. You will be able to taste one of the world’s most exquisite cuisines and sunbathe on one of the country’s many pristine beaches. Like many of the other South East Asian countries, Vietnam is cheap and you will be able to live comfortably on your student budget. A meal will cost you around $1-$2 at a street cafe or $5-$10 at an upscale Western restaurant. Students can live in student accommodation or in a shared appartment in one of the many new luxury compounds developed by international developers. These compounds often include facilities such as pool, fitness, sauna, tennis, clubhouse, supermarket and much more. Getting around is easy and cheap. You can take the bus, taxi or hire a local motorbike driver.

Besides its beautiful nature, Vietnam is also known for its chaotic and seemingly unstructured traffic. See the clip from Ho Chi Minh City below.

The quality of education varies significantly between institutions, so make sure to consult with StudySEA before applying. We have visited and inspected several universities in the country, to make sure the quality lives up to the expectations of international students. As the country is in need of internationally skilled labor, opportunities for internships or permanent jobs after graduation are good. Learn more about your opportunities for taking an internship in VietnamĀ here.

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