Gap Year

Are you still considering what to do after high school? Are you considering a gap year with studies abroad?

Students that have completed, but have yet to embark on university studies, have the opportunity to experience the world, while following courses at a university abroad.

By combining your gap year with studies abroad, you not only experience the world, but also get the opportunity to test your interest by following subjects within different fields. This may help you choose the right education, but can also increase your chances of getting in to the program of your dreams. And more over, you have the opportunity to earn credits that can shorten the length of your future degree program.

Currently, our partner universities Curtin Singapore, FPT UniversityHELP University and Webster University Thailand offer study abroad for non-degree-seeking students that have completed upper secondary education (high school).

Gap Year at HELP University

While following subjects at HELP University, you will have the option of earning credits towards your degree at either HELP or one of its partner universities in Australia, the U.K. or the U.S. By earning transfer credits, you may be able to finish your degree faster. This will of course depend on which subjects you follow, which degree you wish to study and how well you did in your classes. Always, consult with us before enrolling in courses.

Gap Year at Curtin Singapore and Webster University Thailand

At Curtin Singapore and Webster University Thailand, you can also earn credit for the subjects you complete, provided you matriculate into a bachelor degree program. Curtin and Webster have campuses in several countries and you therefore have the option of studying or continuing on a degree in a different country at another of the university’s campus. This provide a unique opportunity to get an internationally renown degree in an international environment.

Gap Year at FPT University

After completion of studies at FPT University, you are able to continue on a bachelor degree and will earn credit for completed courses.

The duration of your studies during the gap year as a non-degree-seeking student is typically from one to two semesters. As a fresh graduate from high school, you need to be aware that not all subjects are available for enrollment. Contact a study counselor today to learn about your options and the subjects you can study during your gap year.