Pre-departure preparation

This section is for students that have already been accepted to a study abroad program at our partner universities. Here, we briefly go through the preparation required before you can travel abroad for studies. Being well-prepared is an important step that will ensure you a good start on your studies abroad.

1. Visa application

When you have been accepted by the foreign university, you must secure a visa that allows you to enter the country and stay legally while you study. Visa requirements vary from country to country. Contact us for the requirements pertaining to your study destination.

2. Book your flight ticket

We recommend you not to book your flight ticket before you have obtained your entry visa. StudySEA can help you with the travel preparation.

3. Buy insurance

In countries like Malaysia health insurance is already included in your Student Pass, however you may consider taking out an additional insurance policy that also covers your travels home in case you get injured. StudySEA is happy to recommend you suitable insurance providers.

4. Immunizations

Immunizations are an important part of your travel preparations when studying abroad. Read more about immunizations.

5. Find accommodation

If you choose to live in student housing, you are often able to book in advance to ensure housing is ready when you arrive. If you choose to stay off campus, you may need to stay in temporary accommodation until you find permanent housing. StudySEA is happy to guide you on housing to ensure you find a place that meets your criteria and budget.

6. Book a pre-departure meeting with StudySEA

We urge all applicants to book a pre-departure meeting with your StudySEA counselor before you travel. The meeting can be in person, via Skype or on the phone. We will go through all the practical considerations to make sure you are well prepared to study abroad.